Reading with Hooked on Phonics

Today’s was the first reading lesson with my four-year-old (henceforth known as The Singer) that I’ve been happy with.  The first few times we tried using Hooked on Phonics, we went too fast.  Today’s lesson went as follows:

  1.  I read Dr. Seuss’s ABC to her, pointing to each word as I read.  She recited along to about 60% of the book.
  2. We ran around the house 3 times.
  3. We went through her alphabet flashcards, with her holding the cards to take ownership of her learning.
  4. We ran around the house 3 or 4 times.
  5. We practiced with our word family eggs (found here).
  6. We ran around the house 4 times.
  7. We read two pages from the Hooked on Phonics level 1 Workbook (-at words only).
  8. We read only the pages about Pat from Hop on Pop.  She was able to do this easily, with her reading the -at words and me reading the rest.
  9. We ran around the house 5 or 6 times.
  10. She read the first “story” in the Hooked on Phonics workbook.
  11. We high-fived, and I gave her stickers.

I think this is the pace that is going to work for us.