Give me a “G”!

This has been our favorite alphabet learning game for a while.  I think they’re getting tired of it, but that’s okay, because they’ve almost got their letters down!  I made a copy of flashcards for each girl, by simply typing capital letters in about 500 font size, printing them out, cutting them apart, and gluing each letter to a piece of construction paper.

Give me a G!

To play the game, I say, “When I say, ‘Go!’ everybody find me a G.  Ready, set, go!  G!” It isn’t a competition to see who can find the letter first, but I sometimes say, “Okay, this time, let’s see who can be the fastest!” Then I don’t say who was the winner; I just say, “Wow!  You were really fast that time!”  My girls have a naturally competitive nature, compounded by sibling rivalry, so I don’t encourage winning and losing, but just a tiny competitive element can give them a little extra motivation.